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rar2fs | Cheatsheet

rar2fs is a FUSE based file system that can mount a source RAR archive/volume or a directory containing any number of RAR archives and read the contents as regular files on-the-fly. Non-archived files located in the source directory are handled transparently.



git clone /tmp/rar2fs
wget -q -P /tmp/rar2fs/
tar -zxf /tmp/rar2fs/unrarsrc-5.4.5.tar.gz -C  /tmp/rar2fs
make -j$(($(nproc)+1)) -l$(($(nproc)+2)) -C  /tmp/rar2fs/unrar
make install-lib -C  /tmp/rar2fs/unrar
autoreconf -f -i /tmp/rar2fs/unrar
cd /tmp/rar2fs/; ./configure --with-unrar-lib=/tmp/rar2fs/unrar
make -j$(($(nproc)+1)) -l$(($(nproc)+2)) -C  /tmp/rar2fs
make install -C  /tmp/rar2fs
rm -rf /tmp/rar2fs


mkdir ~/rar2fs
rar2fs -o allow_other ~/downloads ~/rar2fs

Unmount rar2fs

fusermount -u ~/rar2fs

Automount rar folders

printf '\n%s\n' \ 
"### autmount for rar2fs" "rar2fs#~/downloads ~/rar2fs
fuse allow_other,--seek-length=1    0 0"