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Getting started

mkdir -p /home/wuseman/.weechat/python/autoload/
mkdir -p /home/wuseman/.weechat/ssl
wget -q -P /home/wuseman/.weechat/python/
ln -s  /home/wuseman/.weechat/python/ /home/wuseman/.weechat/python/autoload 
chmod +x /home/wuseman/.weechat/python/
chown -R wuseman:wuseman /home/wuseman/.weechat/
weechat --dir /home/wuseman/.weechat


/set logger.file.color_lines on
/set logger.file.flush_delay 0
/set logger.file.info_lines on
/set xfer.file.download_path "/home/wuseman/downloads"
/set logger.file.path "/home/wuseman/logs/weechat"
/set logger.mask.irc %Y/$server/$channel.%m-%d.log
/set logger.file.time_format "[%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S]"
/set logger.file.nick_prefix "<"
/set logger.file.nick_suffix ">"
/set plugins.var.perl.highmon.logging "on"

Default Server Settings

/set irc.server_default.nicks "wuseman,_wuseman,^wuseman,|wuseman"
/set irc.server_default.realname "wuseman"
/set irc.server_default.password "odemnn"
/set irc.server_default.ssl on
/set irc.server_default.ssl_verify on
/set irc.server_default.autoreconnect_delay 30
/set irc.server_default.autoconnect "on"
/set irc.server_default.ipv6 off
/set irc.server_default.msg_kick "bye, you are not wanted here.."
/set irc.server_default.msg_part "believe it or not i just left this channel but why? stop caring about me, get a hobby or something!"
/set irc.server_default.msg_quit "For some unknown reason i have lost my connection to the server,. I'll be back whether you like it or not - (Real Reason: Client Quit)"
/set irc.look.server_buffer independent
/set irc.look.nicks_hide_password ""
/set irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_args ""

Configure aliases

/alias del AAWAY
/alias del ANICK
/alias del BEEP
/alias del BYE
/alias del C
/alias del CHAT
/alias del CL
/alias del CLOSE
/alias del EXIT
/alias del IG
/alias del J
/alias del K
/alias del KB
/alias del LEAVE
/alias del M
/alias del MSGBUF
/alias del MUB
/alias del N
/alias del Q
/alias del REDRAW
/alias del SAY
/alias del SIGNOFF
/alias del T
/alias del UB
/alias del UMODE
/alias del V
/alias del W

/alias add wc buffer close
/alias add call buffer clear -all
/alias add w buffer


/set weechat.color.nicklist_away lightred
/set weechat.color.item_away lightred
/set buflist.format.hotlist_message "${color:brown}"
/set weechat.color.chat_day_change white
/set weechat.color.chat_prefix_join 121                                                                                                              
/set weechat.color.chat_host 240 
/set 234
/set 234  
/set 2
/set off
/set weechat.color.separator 234
/set 234
/set buflist.format.number "${color:240}${number}${if:${number_displayed}?.: }"          
/set weechat.color.chat_delimiters 237      
/set buflist.format.buffer_current "${color:,237}${format_buffer}"                                                      
/set script.color.text_name 234  
/set buflist.format.lag " ${color:lightred}[${color:brown}${lag}${color:green}]"
/set weechat.color.chat_host 243
/set weechat.color.chat_time 245
/set weechat.color.chat_time_delimiters 7


/relay sslcertkey
/relay add weechat XXXX
/relay add ssl.weechat XXXX
/set relay.irc.backlog_time_format "[%H:%M:%S]"
/set off
/set 2

Smart Filter

/set irc.look.smart_filter on
/set irc.look.smart_filter_delay 3
/set irc.look.smart_filter_account on
/set irc.look.smart_filter_chghost on
/set irc.look.smart_filter_join on
/set irc.look.smart_filter_join_unmask 10
/set irc.look.smart_filter_mode "+"
/set irc.look.smart_filter_nick on
/set irc.look.smart_filter_quit on
/set irc.look.nick_completion_smart speakers
#/filter add irc_smart * irc_smart_filter *
/filter add filter joinquit_butnotpart irc.LiberaChat.*,!*#-GreyZone-* irc_join,irc_quit *


/set irc.look.color_nicks_in_nicklist on
/set weechat.color.chat_nick_colors "cyan,magenta,green,brown,lightblue,default,lightcyan,lightmagenta,lightgreen,2,11,13,15,35,111,11,32,33,34,35,88,91,128,120,200,201,210,220,230,240"
/set buflist.look.nick_prefix on
/set colorize_nicks.look.blacklist_nicks ""
/set colorize_nicks.look.colorize_input on
/set weechat.look.item_time_format "[%H:%M:%S]"
/set weechat.look.quote_time_format "[%H:%M:%S]"
/set irc.msgbuffer.libera.invite private
/set irc.look.msgbuffer_fallback private
/set irc.msgbuffer.whois private
/set irc.server_default.anti_flood_prio_high 10
/set irc.server_default.anti_flood_prio_low 3
/set irc.server_default.autoreconnect_delay 10
/set plugins.var.python.whois_on_query.command "/whois $nick $nick"

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Last update: December 4, 2022 20:32:48