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hciconfig | Cheatsheet

Open and initialize HCI device

hciconfig -a <hci0> up

Close HCI device

hciconfig -a <hci0> down

Reset HCI device

hciconfig -a <hci0> reset

Reset statistic counters

hciconfig -a <hci0> rstat

Enable Authentication

hciconfig -a <hci0> auth

Disable Authentication

hciconfig -a <hci0> noauth

Enable Encryption

hciconfig -a <hci0> encrypt

Disable Encryption

hciconfig -a <hci0> noencrypt

Enable Page and Inquiry scan

hciconfig -a <hci0> piscan

Disable scan

hciconfig -a <hci0> noscan

Enable Inquiry scan

hciconfig -a <hci0>  iscan

Enable Page scan

hciconfig -a <hci0> pscan

Get/Set default packet type

hciconfig -a <hci0> ptype      [type]
hciconfig -a <hci0> lm         [mode]
hciconfig -a <hci0> lp         [policy]

Get/Set local name

hciconfig -a <hci0> name       [name]

Get/Set class of device

hciconfig -a <hci0> class      [class]

Get/Set voice setting

hciconfig -a <hci0> voice      [voice]

Get/Set inquiry access code

hciconfig -a <hci0> iac        [iac]

Get/Set inquiry transmit power level

hciconfig -a <hci0> nqtpl     [level]

Get/Set inquiry mode

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqmode    [mode]

Get/Set inquiry data

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqdata    [data]

Get/Set inquiry scan type

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqtype    [type]

Get/Set inquiry scan window and interval

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqparms   [win:int]

Get/Set page scan window and interval

hciconfig -a <hci0> pageparms  [win:int]

Get/Set page timeout

hciconfig -a <hci0> ageto     [to]

Get/Set AFH mode

hciconfig -a <hci0> afhmode    [mode]

Get/Set Simple Pairing Mode

hciconfig -a <hci0> sspmode    [mode]

Set ACL MTU and number of packets

hciconfig -a <hci0> clmtu     <mtu:pkt>

Set SCO MTU and number of packets

hciconfig -a <hci0> scomtu     <mtu:pkt>
hciconfig -a <hci0> delkey     <bdaddr>

Get local OOB data

hciconfig -a <hci0> oobdata

Display supported commands

hciconfig -a <hci0> commands

Display device features

hciconfig -a <hci0> eatures

Display version information

hciconfig -a <hci0> version

Display revision information

hciconfig -a <hci0> revision

Add a device to the blacklist

hciconfig -a <hci0> block      <bdaddr>

Remove a device from the blacklist

hciconfig -a <hci0> unblock    <bdaddr>

Set LE Random Address

hciconfig -a <hci0> lerandaddr <bdaddr>

Enable LE advertising

hciconfig -a <hci0> leadv      [type]

Show all commands device has support for

hciconfig get commands