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fping | Cheatsheet

Install net-analyzer/fping

emerge --ask net-analyzer/fping

Fping Multiple IP Address


Fping Range of IP Address

fping -s -g

Fping Complete Network with Different Options

fping -g -r 1

Reads the List of Targets From a File

fping < hosts.txt

Set source target

fping --src=

Only ping IPv4 addresses

fping -4

Only ping IPv6 addresses

fping -6 fe80::333b:213c:1aa:111e

Send 5 pings to each targets

fping --count=5

Show targets that are alive

fping -a

Quiet (don't show per-target/per-ping results)

fping --quiet

Same as Quiet, but show summary every n seconds

fping --squiet=5
fping -s