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btmgt | Cheatsheet

Select a different index

btmgmt select

Get the MGMT Revision

btmgmt revision

List supported commands

btmgmt commands

Show configuration info

btmgmt config

Show controller info

btmgmt info

Show extended controller info

btmgt extinfo

Power all available features

btmgt auto-power

Toggle powered state

btmgt power

Toggle discoverable state

btmgt discov

Toggle connectable state

btmgt connectable

Toggle fast connectable state

btmgt fast-conn

Toggle bondable state

btmgt bondable

Toggle bondable state

btmgt pairable
btmgt linksec

Toggle SSP mode

btmgt ssp

Toogle SC support

btmgt sc

Toggle HS support

btmgt hs

Toggle LE support

btmgt le

Toggle LE advertising

btmgt advertising

Toggle BR/EDR support

btmgt bredr

Toggle privacy support

btmgt privacy

Set device major/minor class

btmgt class

Disconnect device

btmgt disconnect

List connections

btmgt con

Discover nearby devices

btmgt find

Discover nearby service

btmgt find-service

Stop discovery

btmgt stop-find

Set local name

btmgt name

Pair with a remote device

btmgt pair

Cancel pairing

btmgt cancelpair

Unpair device

btmgt unpair
btmgt keys

Load Long Term Keys

btmgt ltks

Load Identity Resolving Keys

btmgt irks

Block Device

btmgt block

Unblock Device

btmgt unblock


btmgt add-uuid

Remove UUID

btmgt rm-uuid

Clear UUIDs

btmgt clr-uuids

Local OOB data

btmgt local-oob

Remote OOB data

btmgt remote-oob

Set Device ID

btmgt did

Set static address

btmgt static-addr

Set public address

btmgt public-addr

External configuration

btmgt ext-config

Toogle debug keys

btmgt debug-keys

Get connection information

btmgt conn-info

Set IO Capability

btmgt io-cap

Set Scan Parameters

btmgt scan-params

Get Clock Information

btmgt get-clock

Add Device

btmgt add-device

Remove Device

btmgt del-device

Clear Devices

btmgt clr-devices

Local OOB data (BR/EDR)

btmgt bredr-oob

Local OOB data (LE)

btmgt le-oob

Show advertising features

btmgt advinfo

Show advertising size info

btmgt advsize

Add advertising instance

btmgt add-adv

Remove advertising instance

btmgt rm-adv

Clear advertising instances

btmgt clr-adv

Set appearance

btmgt appearance

Get/Set PHY Configuration

btmgt phy

Toggle Wideband-Speech support

btmgt wbs

Show security information

btmgt secinfo

Show experimental features

btmgt expinfo

Set debug feature

btmgt exp-debug

Read System Configuration

btmgt read-sysconfig

Set System Configuration

btmgt set-sysconfig