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bluetoothctl | Cheatsheet

Block device

bluetoothctl block

Unblock device

bluetoothctl unblock

Remove device

bluetoothctl remove

Connect device

bluetoothctl connect

Disconnect device

bluetoothctl disconnect

List available controllers

bluetoothctl list

Controller information

bluetoothctl show

Select default controller

bluetoothctl select

List available devices

bluetoothctl devices

List paired devices

bluetoothctl paired-devices

Controller alias

bluetoothctl system-alias

Reset controller alias

bluetoothctl reset-alias

Set controller power on

bluetoothctl power on

Set controller power off

bluetoothctl power off

Set controller pairable mode

bluetoothctl pairable

Set controller discoverable mode

bluetoothctl discoverable

Set discoverable timeout

bluetoothctl discoverable-timeout

Enable/disable agent with given capability

bluetoothctl agent

Set agent as the default one

bluetoothctl default-agent

Enable/disable advertising with given type

bluetoothctl advertise

Set device alias

bluetoothctl set-alias

Scan for devices

bluetoothctl scan on

Device information

bluetoothctl info

Pair with device

bluetoothctl pair <mac> OR <device_name>

Cancel pairing with device

bluetoothctl cancel-pairing

Trust device

bluetoothctl trust

hciconfig Untrust device

bluetoothctl untrust