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hciconfig | Cheatsheet

hciconfig is used to configure Bluetooth devices. hciX is the name of a Bluetooth device installed in the system. If hciX is not given, hciconfig prints name and basic information about all the Bluetooth devices installed in the system.

Open and initialize HCI device

hciconfig -a <hci0> up

Close HCI device

hciconfig -a <hci0> down

Reset HCI device

hciconfig -a <hci0> reset

Reset statistic counters

hciconfig -a <hci0> rstat

Enable Authentication

hciconfig -a <hci0> auth

Disable Authentication

hciconfig -a <hci0> noauth

Enable Encryption

hciconfig -a <hci0> encrypt

Disable Encryption

hciconfig -a <hci0> noencrypt

Enable Page and Inquiry scan

hciconfig -a <hci0> piscan

Disable scan

hciconfig -a <hci0> noscan

Enable Inquiry scan

hciconfig -a <hci0>  iscan

Enable Page scan

hciconfig -a <hci0> pscan

Get/Set default packet type

hciconfig -a <hci0> ptype      [type]
hciconfig -a <hci0> lm         [mode]
hciconfig -a <hci0> lp         [policy]

Get/Set local name

hciconfig -a <hci0> name       [name]

Get/Set class of device

hciconfig -a <hci0> class      [class]

Get/Set voice setting

hciconfig -a <hci0> voice      [voice]

Get/Set inquiry access code

hciconfig -a <hci0> iac        [iac]

Get/Set inquiry transmit power level

hciconfig -a <hci0> nqtpl     [level]

Get/Set inquiry mode

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqmode    [mode]

Get/Set inquiry data

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqdata    [data]

Get/Set inquiry scan type

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqtype    [type]

Get/Set inquiry scan window and interval

hciconfig -a <hci0> inqparms   [win:int]

Get/Set page scan window and interval

hciconfig -a <hci0> pageparms  [win:int]

Get/Set page timeout

hciconfig -a <hci0> ageto     [to]

Get/Set AFH mode

hciconfig -a <hci0> afhmode    [mode]

Get/Set Simple Pairing Mode

hciconfig -a <hci0> sspmode    [mode]

Set ACL MTU and number of packets

hciconfig -a <hci0> clmtu     <mtu:pkt>

Set SCO MTU and number of packets

hciconfig -a <hci0> scomtu     <mtu:pkt>
hciconfig -a <hci0> delkey     <bdaddr>

Get local OOB data

hciconfig -a <hci0> oobdata

Display supported commands

hciconfig -a <hci0> commands

Display device features

hciconfig -a <hci0> eatures

Display version information

hciconfig -a <hci0> version

Display revision information

hciconfig -a <hci0> revision

Add a device to the blacklist

hciconfig -a <hci0> block      <bdaddr>

Remove a device from the blacklist

hciconfig -a <hci0> unblock    <bdaddr>

Set LE Random Address

hciconfig -a <hci0> lerandaddr <bdaddr>

Enable LE advertising

hciconfig -a <hci0> leadv      [type]

Show all commands device has support for

hciconfig get commands