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Level: Low (Your grandmohter can do this if this guide is followed step by step)

  1. Enter recovery mode before you do anything else to wipe the device entire
  2. Press volume up + power button
  3. When you are in recovery mode press on wipe cache followed by wipe device once done
  4. Choose reboot device after you wiped device, in meanwhile device is starting remove simcard from device and let hte "locket" bet off
  5. If device is "hanged" on "error" just press and hold down volume down + power otherwise you can jump over this step
  6. You will see a samsung logo, let it load until it's done (2-5minutes it will take and you are at welcome screen for setup a "new device")
  7. Now when you are att start screen and you see "Start" and you can choose "language" insert the simcard and you will see you will enter the pin DO NOT ENTER THE PIN
  8. Now it's time to take out the simcard, exactly when you pressing out the simcard you must press on power button and yuo will see the screen below 9 . Draw the setup wizard to the right and choose the right option (volume icon) 10 Now press on notification setteings and scroll down to youtube
  9. Now you can insert the simcard again since you need surf to get up the options we gonna requrie 12 Once you have simcard inserted press on "More settings in app" followed by pressing "About"
  10. NOw press Google PRivacy Policy
  11. Samsung browser has now been started ;-)
  12. Go download:


  15. (quickshortmaker)

  16. Open q.apk by install it last now you will have google accoutn manager in the list, scroll down until ou see google accoutn manager

  17. Press on email and password, now you see enter password but instead press on the 3 dots in upper right corner and sign in via web
  18. Once done ou are back at wifi settings and the device is yours! ;)


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Last update: August 10, 2022
Created: August 10, 2022