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Samsung Xcover 4


This device was a mess to unlock, finally found the correct google manager app from's frp file, respect to hardinfo!

Android 9.0 security patch: July 2020 frp bypass by wuseman

This wiki is a reminder for myself, if you have any problem by my version go for hardinfo's way.

The only apk you need is, no pc or anything is required. Just follow any of the ways below

wuseman's version

1) Turn off device
2) Wipe and reset to factory data from vol up+home+power
3) When you boot your device, call emergancy from lower left corner
4) Hang up asap, you just need a recent called number for later use
5) Move forward, connect to a Wifi network
6) Now click on another wifi so you get keyboard up 
7) Press settings icon on your xcover 4
8) Press on swipe, touch and feedback
9) Press on touch feedback
10) Press on sounds and vibration
11) Press on the first option under 'looking for something else' 
12) Choose blocked number
13) Press on recent
14) Press on the emergancy number you called (number 3) 
15) Voila! :) 
16) Now send a text message to the emergancy number, type
    - urls only work with google apps, you cant type any website to continue it will open the built-in browser    
17) Press on the sent text to get redericted to youtube
18) Press on account in upper right corner followed by pressing help and feedback, find your way to open google chrome browser
19) Once google chrome was opened, go download apex launcher, just google for "apex launcher apk" for download
20) Allow permissions to install applications from google-chrome or samsung internet browser (you choose)
21) Once you opened apex launcher, press on settings and browse to security
22) Go disable find my device under other security settings in security tab
23) Go back to settings, open apps and disable google play services
24) Install hardinfo's apk ( 
25) Once installed, go back to accounts and you will now see a blue google icon, add your google account
26) Once account was added, go back and enable google-play-services again
27) Now go back to account to confirm your account is added, now the icon will be the default one from google
28) If you see your account added, it's done. 
29) Restart your device followed by a factory reset and youve done it

I wont give any support on my way to do this so don't waste my time, it is probably easier for you to
follow hardinfo's way, if you wont get up bluetooth menu then follow my way with the emergancy number

You also need crash the application before you will get into phone settings, hit twice on auto keyboard and hold delay for crashing the application, you will be redirected to the page before this and just crash the app again
to get the app info dialog popup.


Hardinfo's way

This is probably easier to follow then mine version but their way is hard since the simcard is not easy to take out on this device so you probably will see my version with the emergancy number easier then the bluetooth method


* **wuseman <\>**


If you have problems, questions, ideas or suggestions please contact me on *_wuseman@nr1.nu_  - For faster contact visit freenode irc network or the webchat and type '/msg wuseman hi!' in the input bar and I will reply you ASAP I will see the message.

Enter Freenodes network via your own client ' or use their new web client [here](

Last update: August 10, 2022
Created: August 10, 2022