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Fastboot Commands

  • Press volume up + power button to enter recovery mode and wipe and reset cache / factory reset
  • Once done, reboot device and wait until you will see welcome screen
  • Move forward and login on wifi, once connected go back to welcome screen (first page)
  • Tap 2 fingers on screen until you will here a girls voice, keep holding 2 fingers until she says talkback is on
  • Now draw an L on your screen to get talkback settings showing up
  • Scroll with 2 fingers to bottom where you can see "Help & Feedback"
  • Now double press about switch access for android
  • Now press volume up + volume down to turn off talkback settings
  • You will now see a youtube video, press at top of the video and u will see 3 dots in upper right corner
  • Press on watch later, and google chrome will now start.
  • Now unbock help ... and pess accept and continue and on next window just press "No Thanks"
  • Now Browse to for download quickshortcutmaker
  • Press on update permissions followed by pressing Allow chrome t access photos ....
  • q.apk will now be downloaded, wait until its done and press on open at bottom and press on settings next
  • Scroll down to unknown sources in security window and enble it
  • Above unknown sources you will see device administrators, press on it
  • Disable android device manager to have admin rights
  • Go back to download history or download q.apk again from to install quickshortcutmaker
  • Once installed, press on open and once you are in quickshortcutmaker scroll down to "Moto App Launcher"
  • Press on Moto App Launcher and launch it and are in motorolas default system UI for easier navigations
  • Now open settings and press on "Apps" and press on the three dots in upper right corner and show system apps, find google account manager and google play services, disable them both
  • Go back to system UI by hit back several times, open google chrome and download and download and installl the application, once done just press "done"
  • Go to main screen again, press on settings and find "Accounts" - Add your google account now :)
  • Now go back to settings and press on apps again and the three dots in upper right corner
  • Enable google account manager + google play services again and just reboot your device as normal.

Enjoy your fully unlocked Motorola E4 Plus Device!

ROOT YOUR MOTO E4 PLUS (Use twrp wood for none PLUS model)

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock in your mobile
  • If your device is on, type "adb reboot recovery" and when you see the dead android logo press power + volume up to enter recovery mode
  • Download TWRP and
  • You should now see "=> FASTBOOT mode..." on your device, confirm that you can see your device by type: fastboot devices, if you can see your devie you are ready to root the device.
  • You can change mode by type "fastboot oem lock-state info" - But we still want to be in fastboot mode so this is not required
  • Now type: fastboot oem lock-state info - Press volume up to lock bootloader and volume down to unlock bootloader, we want it unlocked so press volume down
  • Now type: fastboot oem unlock and hit volume up, your bootloader should now be unlocked
  • Boot into twrp, and flash your device by hit adb sideload and on computer type "adb sideload"

Your device should be fully rooted from now.


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To all my friends that letting me play with their devices, you know who you are!


A linux setup would be good ;)


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Last update: August 10, 2022
Created: August 10, 2022