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Grub2 Themes

A few simple Grub2 themes designed with proud gentoo users in mind. They are designed to complement my SLiM themes in the same style.

Glass Theme


Design Cues and icons taken from the excellent Vimix Theme by Se7endAY.

Frosted Theme


Blurred version of the glass theme.

Minimalist Theme


Design cues taken from the Arch-Silence theme by Filippo Ghibellini

Design Notes

The light gradient runs between #8f88bd - #f8f7fb

Fonts Info

Fonts are the shortcoming of most Grub themes, this is a limitation with Grub itself, which uses the ppf2 font format which lacks any kerning whatsoever. Fonts can be converted with grub-mkfont, but the results are highly variable.

Anyone who has suggestions to improve the overall look of the fonts, particularly in the minimalist theme, please shoot me a message.

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Last update: September 28, 2022 02:44:09