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Look in VDB (installed packages)

qwhich -I, --vdb

Look at binary packages

qwhich -b, --binpkg

Look in main tree and overlays

qwhich -t, --tree
qwhich -p, --pretty
qwhich -d, --dir
qwhich -R, --repo

Stop searching after first match (implies -l)

qwhich -f, --first

Only return latest version for each match

qwhich -l, --latest

Skip virtual category

qwhich -T, --novirtual

Skip acct-user and acct-group categories

qwhich -A, --noacct
qwhich -F, --format <arg>

Set the ROOT env var

qwhich --root <arg>

Report full package versions, emit more elaborate output

qwhich -v, --verbose

Tighter output; suppress warnings

qwhich -q, --quiet

Don't output color

qwhich -C, --nocolor

Force color in output

qwhich --color
qwhich -h, --help
qwhich -V, --version

Last update: December 4, 2022 13:11:41