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qlop -c, --summary
qlop -t, --time
qlop -a, --average
qlop -p, --predict
qlop -H, --human
qlop -M, --machine

Show merge history

qlop -m, --merge

Show unmerge history

qlop -u, --unmerge

Show autoclean unmerge history

qlop -U, --autoclean

Show sync history

qlop -s, --sync

Show last merge similar to how emerge(1) -v would show it

qlop -E, --emerge

Report time at which the operation finished (iso started)

qlop -e, --endtime

Show current emerging packages

qlop -r, --running

Limit selection to this time (1st -d is start, 2nd -d is end)

qlop -d, --date <arg>

Limit selection to last Portage emerge action

qlop -l, --lastmerge

Read emerge logfile instead of $EMERGE_LOG_DIR/emerge.log

qlop -f, --logfile <arg>

Read package atoms to report from file

qlop -w, --atoms <arg>
qlop -F, --format <arg>

Set the ROOT env var

qlop --root <arg>

Report full package versions, emit more elaborate output

qlop-v, --verbose

Tighter output; suppress warnings

qlop -q, --quiet

Don't output color

qlop -C, --nocolor

Force color in output

qlop --color
qlop -h, --help
qlop -V, --version

Last update: December 4, 2022 13:11:41