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Select non-matching lines

qgrep --I, --invert-match

Ignore case distinctions

qgrep -i, --ignore-case
qgrep -N, --atom-name

Only print a count of matching lines per FILE

qgrep -c, --count

Only print FILE names containing matches

qgrep -l, --list

Only print FILE names containing no match

qgrep -L, --invert-list

Use PATTERN as a regular expression

qgrep -e, --regexp

Use PATTERN as an extended regular expression

qgrep -x, --extended

Search in installed ebuilds instead of the tree

qgrep -J, --installed

Search in eclasses instead of ebuilds

qgrep -E, --eclass

Skip comments lines

qgrep -s, --skip-comments
qgrep -R, --repo

Skip lines matching

qgrep -S, --skip <arg>
qgrep -B, --before <arg>
qgrep -A, --after <arg>

Set the ROOT env var

qgrep --root <arg>

Report full package versions, emit more elaborate output

qgrep -v, --verbose

Tighter output; suppress warnings

qgrep -q, --quiet

Don't output color

qgrep -C, --nocolor

Force color in output

qgrep --color
qgrep -h, --help
qgrep -V, --version

Last update: December 4, 2022 13:11:41