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qfile -F, --format <arg>

Display installed packages with slots

qfile  -S, --slots

Assume arguments are already prefixed by $ROOT

qfile -R, --root-prefix

Also match directories for single component arguments

```bash qfile -d, --dir

### List orphan files
qfile  -o, --orphans

Don't look in package (used with --orphans)

qfile  -x, --exclude <arg>

Don't look in the prunelib registry

qfile  -P, --skip-plibreg

Set the ROOT env var

qfile  --root <arg>

Report full package versions, emit more elaborate output

qfile  -v, --verbose

Tighter output; suppress warnings

qfile  -q, --quiet

Don't output color

qfile -C, --nocolor

Force color in output

qfile  --color
qfile  -h, --help
qfile  -V, --version

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