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qgrep | Cheatsheet

Select non-matching lines

qgrep --invert-match  

Ignore case distinctions

qgrep --ignore-case   
qgrep --atom-name     

Only print a count of matching lines per FILE

qgrep --count         

Only print FILE names containing matches

qgrep --list          

Only print FILE names containing no match

qgrep --invert-list   

Use PATTERN as a regular expression

qgrep --regexp        

Use PATTERN as an extended regular expression

qgrep --extended      

Search in installed ebuilds instead of the tree

qgrep --installed     

Search in eclasses instead of ebuilds

qgrep --eclass        

Skip comment lines

qgrep --skip-comments 
qgrep --repo          

Skip lines matching <arg>

qgrep --skip <arg>    
qgrep --before <arg>  
qgrep --after <arg>   

Set the ROOT environment variable

qgrep --root <arg>    

Report full package versions and emit more elaborate output

qgrep --verbose       

Tighter output; suppress warnings

qgrep --quiet         

Disable color output

qgrep --nocolor       

Force color in output

qgrep --color         
qgrep --help