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qmerge | Cheatsheet

Fetch package and newest Packages metadata

qmerge --fetch

Fetch package (skipping Packages)

qmerge --force

Search available packages

qmerge --search

Install package

qmerge --install

Uninstall package

qmerge --unmerge

Pretend only

qmerge --pretend

Update only

qmerge --update

Don't prompt before overwriting

qmerge --yes

Don't merge dependencies

qmerge --nodeps

Run shell funcs with set -x

qmerge --debug

Set the ROOT env var

qmerge --root <arg>

Report full package versions, emit more elaborate output

qmerge --verbose

Tighter output; suppress warnings

qmerge --quiet

Don't output color

qmerge --nocolor

Force color in output

qmerge --color
qmerge --help
qmerge --version