I tried Gentoo once, and I fell in love!

How, why, when? Gentooooooooowiiie

When I told a friend that I would like to try Gentoo, the year was then 
2008 then the person said that I will go back to Debian because I 
will get tired of compiling code and doing everything from scratch all the time.

That person was _wrong_ ;)

For 15 years I have been part of the Gentoo Community and in this part 
I have intended to post everything that I have created around gentoo 
and also various contributions from myself Gentoo

Respect to everyone that has been sharing your knowledge during the years, 
now im trying to give back what i've learned during the years :)

However, here is some cheatsheet for all Gentoo users out there, for newbies and for masters, feel free to share, contribute, update and edit this.

I started this cheatsheet during an installation while I was waiting for it to finish compile and I was using a Kubuntu LiveCD hence the hostname in bash prompt in some pics.

Last update: September 28, 2022 07:59:55