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vurriculum vitae

Personal intro

Hi, I am a full-time Linux Developer from Sweden that working in cli as much as possible, I also control the phone via cli, which is why I spend so much time on my android wiki.I work only in Gentoo Linux and I am a senior in security in this world and I have been working EVERYDAY with my projects for over 2 decades now, soon 3. I love to have control over my system and I want to know everything that is possible, if I get problem with grub then I want to be able to fix it without asking anyone and this is how it has been all these years, so it is clear that you have become extremely good at what you do, I have hacked into android phones by cracking the pin code BOTH in cli and in gui and I was the first to publish it publicly open for everyone to take part in, there are many videos on youtube etc. about my projects but I am no of the owners of these but they simply live on my merits but I think that knowledge is more important than money and therefore I never ask for money when greed comes, I will no longer be the best at what I do, or among the best can we say. I have hacked routers to sora internet providers and revealed backdoors, I have hacked switches, I have bypassed over 12 different android devices FRP Bypas from Google and been the first to present them, I have hacked radio stations, ip cameras, chromebooks, I modder bios and write about bios and series of keys, I crack the world's safest bios in 3.2 seconds (honestly, it's true! [bios hacking] ( and I do much much more than this, there is nothing that stops me once I have decided.

I have easily succeeded with what many others would dream of succeeding in hacking phones in 1-3 seconds, there is no one other than me who created wadbpwn! 3 seconds as I said, I have hacked into a random android device:

There is much more to tell and share for those who want. I am passionate about security and do everything without wanting to get bonuses because as I said, whoever chases money it will probably only be disappointed if it does not succeed with a bonus reward first, it should be fun to hack!

I NEVER hack anyone personally and I do everything with open source code so that EVERYONE can find out how to protect themselves and I want to share the result so everyone that has no skills also have the ability to see in real time that it actually works in a simple way. I do my best with my wikis, I hope you enjoy them cause i spending ALOT of time on this from my freetime to share MY knowledge and how I run my systems - I never hacking ANYONE personally then I would never have released it so do not ask me if I can help you hacking because it's not what I like to do, I'm curious and just because I create a tool does not mean I used it for an illegal purpose. I'm content to follow laws and regulations and especially licenses and respect ALL developers and therefore I do not want to categorize myself in red, black, gray or red hats because im a linux guru, nothing else and it seems the gurus succeeds better then mostly so become a guru as well afor succeed, DONT DO CRIME PLEASE! HACING IS NOT A CRIME! Fuck blackhats, NEVER ask me to hack anyone I will ignore you forever.

Where to find me

I have met many people of all ages, in all religions and in all time zones and I appreciate everyone who has done such an extremely good job for me to become who I am so I spend a lot of time giving support, most active is I igentoo on #LiberaChat and these put #I contribute with what I can as long as there is:

Commandlinefu Gentoo Community Github Profile Github/Gist - Profile Stackoverflow Stackexchange XDA-Developers

Wikis that I maintain outside my personal pages


Get in touch and we can talk more of course.


When you're focused on Linux you get to work with so many different technologies. Which is why I've condensed this list into the most relevant ones today, and the ones I enjoy working with Gentoo and troubleshoot and everything that you can imagine to develop myself as much as possible

Android Debug Bridge 
Android FRP Bypassing
Android Security
Android Hacking
Android Cracking
Gitlab CI/CD
Hardware Hacking
iOT Hacking
Reverse Engineering
...And everything you can imagine in Linux