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Level 23

Level 23


  1. SSH to bandit22
  2. Find out what the cronjob is doing

Objective 1

  • Username: bandit22
  • Password: Yk7owGAcWjwMVRwrTesJEwB7WVOiILLI
  • Port: 2220
  • IP/Hostname:
user@localhost:~$ ssh -p 2220


Objective 2

Since we saw from the last level what other scripts were running under /etc/cron.d, we know that /usr/bin/ is our next target.

bandit22@bandit:~$ cat /usr/bin/

mytarget=$(echo I am user $myname | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f 1)

echo "Copying passwordfile /etc/bandit_pass/$myname to /tmp/$mytarget"

cat /etc/bandit_pass/$myname > /tmp/$mytarget

We need to see what $mytarget becomes if $myname is bandit23.

Then we need to read the output of that from /tmp/.

bandit22@bandit:~$ echo I am user bandit23 | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f 1
bandit22@bandit:~$ cat /tmp/8ca319486bfbbc3663ea0fbe81326349

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