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Hacking Android 12 - Motorola Edition (FRP Bypass)

In this guide, we will explore a method to bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Motorola devices running Android 12. Specifically, we will focus on devices that have the GBoard app from Google pre-installed as the default keyboard. I have discovered a unique solution for this particular scenario, which has proven successful multiple times before

Please note that I have conducted all the procedures mentioned in this guide using a Motorola G50 device

Now, let's proceed with the method to bypass the factory reset protection on any Motorola device with the Google GBoard app installed as the default keyboard. By exploiting vulnerabilities in the GBoard app, we can crash it and gain access to the device's settings, effectively bypassing the protection. It's important to note that this method is specific to the current Android version (as of 2023-02-09) on the Motorola G50 device.

Tilgin TG275X Router Hacking Guide


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on hacking the Tilgin TG275X Router from Bredband2. By following these procedures, you will gain access to advanced features and settings of the router. Please note that hacking or unauthorized access to routers without proper authorization is illegal and unethical. This guide is for educational purposes only.

Please note that attempting to hack or gain unauthorized access to any device or network is against the law and can result in severe legal consequences. Always ensure that you have proper authorization and follow ethical guidelines when conducting any security-related activities.

Police vs Hackers: Debunking Misconceptions


Being a programmer does not make you a hacker. The term "hacker" actually refers to a playful cleverness and appreciation for creativity. One can be skilled in programming without possessing this playful cleverness, just as one can exhibit playful cleverness in domains unrelated to programming. For instance, consider Ingram Marshall's composition titled "My end is my beginning," which is a palindrome. This piece of music showcases cleverness and serves as a true hack.

Have you come across news headlines that conflate hackers with criminals? Unfortunately, such headlines present a poor example and should be dismissed. It's crucial to differentiate between hackers and black hats. The term "hacker" is often misused to describe individuals engaged in phishing, trickery, or data forgery without genuine technical skills. These individuals, referred to as "Black Hats," may misuse user data similar to how a hacker manipulates a system, but they lack the true essence of hacking driven by skill and a love for computers. A hacker applies their skills either for malicious purposes or to test the limits of individuals. However, being a hacker encompasses more than just being an adept administrator or a knowledgeable gamer.

Harnessing Random Devices: Stay Invisible

How we could use random devices to stay under the radar and shift blame onto others, and everyone is responsible for their own setups, right?

It has never been easier to utilize random devices to protect ourselves from various threats or to remain unnoticed by installing proxies or simply forwarding them. Nothing surprises me anymore, as I have been around for too long to be surprised. This demonstration involves around 10-15 devices, just to give a glimpse of what is possible and how easily we can utilize any router out there to conceal ourselves from malware hunters and make our adversaries accountable for something they have no knowledge of as the device owners.

Malware hunters should really consider the implications before providing IP addresses to random servers during their analyses.

Hacking Inteno XG6846


The Inteno XG6846 is installed in millions of Swedish homes and sits between the router and the switch. With some operators, it's a requirement for watching TV. Now it's time to take control of this device!

In 2022, a new law was introduced in Sweden allowing the government to hack people's devices regardless of whether they are criminals or not. I don't think this is a good thing, so I took on this challenge as a fun project. Here are the results

Taking control of Android 12 with Bixby's intelligent assistance

Works on all Samsung devices until Security Patch: 2022-02-01)

More information about the CVE from Samsung can be found here.

No worries, I've got you covered with a newer version (they are fast but not fast enough, so I decided to share this wiki with the public). This hack works perfectly for all Samsung devices with the latest security patch (2022-02-01). While the wiki was created on February 21, 2022, it still works awesomely. Please note that this method does NOT work on Android 11. If you have an Android 11 FRP locked device, you can upgrade to the latest firmware from Samsung.

I'm sharing this information freely because it's fun and because I can, and because I believe it's enjoyable to share knowledge. I never report exploits or security issues for money. For me, time is more valuable than money.