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Hacking Android 12 - Motorola Edition (FRP Bypass)


In this guide, we will explore a method to bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Motorola devices running Android 12. Specifically, we will focus on devices that have the GBoard app from Google pre-installed as the default keyboard. I have discovered a unique solution for this particular scenario, which has proven successful multiple times before

Please note that I have conducted all the procedures mentioned in this guide using a Motorola G50 device

Now, let's proceed with the method to bypass the factory reset protection on any Motorola device with the Google GBoard app installed as the default keyboard. By exploiting vulnerabilities in the GBoard app, we can crash it and gain access to the device's settings, effectively bypassing the protection. It's important to note that this method is specific to the current Android version (as of 2023-02-09) on the Motorola G50 device.