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Telia F1 (Changing DNS with Hidden Modal)

Telia's restrictions around their routers are well-known. Despite there being methods to circumvent their security barriers over the years, Telia seems to intentionally complicate a basic process like changing DNS settings on their Telia F1 router. It's as if they want to make it frustratingly inconvenient for anyone wishing to perform something as routine as customizing their DNS settings.

As such, we must simply proceed with the standardized procedure if you intend to change your DNS settings. However, we can also take it a step further and explore the extremely concealed settings that are carefully hidden and secured from users. We'll simply employ a little "hack," or to use a more neutral term, an "unhide" method. Let's walk through how you can do this:

  1. Start by opening your web browser and entering to access the router's settings.

  2. Here's the trick: Right-click on any network configuration and select "Inspect." You'll encounter a link in href. Modify the link to modals/internet-static-routed-configuration.lp.

  3. Now, let's open up the toolbox. Use either the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I or right-click on the page and choose "Inspect."

  4. In the console window, input the following command: tch.loadModal('modals/internet-static-routed-configuration.lp') and press Enter. Suddenly, the hidden settings modal appears.

  5. Enter the modal and click on "Show Advanced" to unlock more customization options.

  6. In the DNS section, you can now finally add the DNS server addresses you wish to use.

  7. To double-check and verify that the DNS is set and active, you can repeat the above but add internet-6rd-routed-configuration.lp to see that the DNS is set (here you can also set NAT on/off).

To confirm that the new DNS setting has been implemented, you can easily visit the setting where it's now displayed. This gives you the opportunity to verify that your desired DNS address has been correctly incorporated.

This method, which we gently refer to as an "unhide" action, allows you to explore the hidden settings and customize your Telia F1 router just the way you want it. A way to take control of your device and your internet connection when Telia seems to be on an inventive mission to throw obstacles in the way of simple changes like this.

For those of you who are less technically inclined, you can easily follow along with the process by watching the video below.

Happy DNS Changing.