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Harnessing Random Devices: Stay Invisible

How we could use random devices to stay under the radar and shift blame onto others, and everyone is responsible for their own setups, right?

It has never been easier to utilize random devices to protect ourselves from various threats or to remain unnoticed by installing proxies or simply forwarding them. Nothing surprises me anymore, as I have been around for too long to be surprised. This demonstration involves around 10-15 devices, just to give a glimpse of what is possible and how easily we can utilize any router out there to conceal ourselves from malware hunters and make our adversaries accountable for something they have no knowledge of as the device owners.

Malware hunters should really consider the implications before providing IP addresses to random servers during their analyses.

The next time, it might be their own IP address that they unwittingly expose and falsely accuse of being the source of something that doesn't even exist. "Some people will go to any lengths to become heroes for a day without scrutinizing things more closely."

Unknown Author

The author of the video also claims to have obtained full permission for all the examples showcased. The router being viewed is no longer accessible to the public, thanks to the gray hats who protect ordinary individuals from the white, black, blue, and red hats.