This website is my worldHQ from now.

  • For me time is more valuable than money and I love to hack everything that you can imagine.

  • I belive in 'hack to learn' and not 'learn to hack'

  • I use Gentoo Linux since *2008 and I I contribute, wirting wiki's and doing my best for give back what I got, thanks Gentooers <3

  • I hate politics/money, never ask me for a favor and offer money I will ignore you forever.

  • I allways show my code and let the result talk for itself. If you interested, you will see my skills!

  • Hobbit, Peiter Zatko, Daniel Robbins is hackers that formed my life + everyone else that supporting open source.

  • I am a 100% non-profit hacker and if you want to donate money, please send them to GNU or Gentoo and support open source! (don't forget to mention my username, please) Thanks

  • If you see something dangerous or what I can do better, get in touch please and we make internet to a better place!!

  • If you help me I will help you, ezi?

Last update: June 27, 2022
Created: June 18, 2022